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About me

I'm a software engineer by day, software engineer by night. Best known for my work in creating Firefox and other fun tools like FireBug and DOM Inspector, I am also a classically trained kazoo player.

From 1995 through 1999 I was a DHTML-obsessed web developer suffering for my art. Those of you who were around in '99 might remember my short-lived SWAT library.

In 2000 I went from being a developer of web pages to a developer of web browsers when I moved to California to work for Netscape. Lucky me, I had a front row seat for the collapse of an empire that almost was! You can blame me for the look and feel of Netscape 6 and 7, but hopefully I made up for it in 2002 with Firefox.

I spent most of 2003 trying to advance the state of the art of UI programming when I created Boxely for AOL. I left the company soon thereafter, but a group of geniuses took over the project and made it into something really special. It now renders the UI for a great deal of their software like AIM Triton and AOL Explorer.

Since last year I've been working on something new with my long-time co-conspirator Blake Ross.

About this site

Much to the chagrin of my non-technical friends and family, this website has more to do with my life as a software engineer than my life as a human. Sorry, Mom! You'll just have to call me.

For the rest of you nerds, this is the place to read my thoughts on software engineering, UI design, and web development.

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