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Wednesday March 15

Back From The Dead

It's been over 6 months since I've posted to this weblog. By now, I'm sure most of my subscribers have unsubscribed, perhaps even Joe Grossberg. Now that I'm speaking to an empty room, the real fun begins!

A few months ago I released a Firefox extension named FireBug. Lots of people came to my site looking for information on FireBug, but all they got was my deserted blog. So I'm going to try to change that and write periodically about FireBug, starting with an udpate on what is in store for the next release.

Another thing I've never written a word about on my blog is my ongoing project with with Blake Ross. I hope that over the next few months I'll be able to talk a little bit about some of the fun things we've been building.

And of course, there will be the usual smattering of nonsensical humor. As always, I appreciate your patience. And now, a word about FireBug...

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