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Thursday December 25

ben jelen

For years my cousin Mark has been talking about his best friend and college roommate from Rutgers, Ben. Ben is supposedly a very talented piano player and singer, but sadly I've never had the chance to meet him since I am rarely in New Jersey anymore. I've seen Ben's little musical studio in the attic of Mark's house in New Brunswick. He's even been to my parents' house on Thanksgiving and performed a few tunes on our cheap electric keyboard.

Apparently, Ben has hit the big time with a major label record deal, and is now set to be the Next Big Thing. It's amusing listening to Mark laughing at the absurity of seeing his longtime friend being manufactured into a pop star. Apparently they are going to market him as a male Vanessa Carlton. If he succeeds in becoming a celebrity, I expect my cousin to become his number one groupie.

Ben (Ben Jelen) is going to be performing on TRL in a few weeks, and his album hits the stores in March. Check out his official website, and remember you heard about him here first.

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