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Tuesday February 10

Black Hole Sun

There are these precious little moments the real world and my iPod combine to help me find long-lost music that I hadn't listened to in ages. Tonight, for example.... I'm sitting at a coffee shop in Santa Clara, when a large gray-bearded man walks in and sits down on an isolated chair in the center of the room. He is wearing a long black robe, a colorful knitted hat, and a very blank stare. No sooner than he has sat down than he begins to chant Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" at the top of his lungs. The echo of his voice inside the otherwise silent room is incredibly creepy, and I find myself digging for my iPod to combat this impromptu performance. Of course, now I have "Black Hole Sun" stuck in my head, and a serious thirst to hear the original. Luckily, my iPod has room to even the old CDs I've bought dating back to high school, so it is only seconds before I have the real Soundgarden saving my ears from this creepy alternative monk wannabe. Thank you, Apple.

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