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Wednesday April 5

Boxely TV

I've blogged a bit about Boxely in the past, but probably didn't paint a good picture about what makes it so exciting. I can blab all day about how Boxely puts XUL, Konfabulator, and XAML to shame, but you really need to see it to understand. My friend Corey Lucier, who is an architect on the Boxely team lead over at AOL, has posted some videos showing off some of the many ways a UI developer can have fun with Boxely. Enjoy:

Boxely TV Episode One : Layout Transitions

Boxely TV Episode Two: Desktop Toys

After seeing these videos you might wonder, "Can I actually use Boxely?" The unfortunate answer is, not yet. Boxely is the engine behind the latest version of AIM Triton, and theoretically can be used to write AIM extensions. Unfortunately, AOL has yet to release Boxely as a stand-alone toolkit, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will some day, before Microsoft and the evil Avalon empire take over the world.

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