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Monday October 21

cinema dismay

The first time I saw the Apple HD Cinema Display in person, I knew I had to have one. The sight of a monitor had never left me so truly in awe. The only thing stopping me from getting one was, oh, about four thousand dollars.

Happiness.As the months have gone by, I have been slowing brainwashing my internal accountant into believing that this is a worthwhile purchase. After all, for a geek I am remarkably frugal about buying toys for myself. Considering how much time I spend staring at a computer screen, shouldn't I be staring at the best?

Recent research has uncovered even better monitor offerings from Samsung and others. This morning I was thrilled to find a very good comparison of all of these monitors on SpyMac. I only wish I could see the Samsung or WIDE displays in person. I'm especially curious as to how these displays look on a Mac vs. a PC, since I intend to use it for both, and I've heard there are problems pushing the full 1900x1200 pixels through a DVI connection under certain conditions.

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