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Sunday September 14

cry fowl

This week I discovered a cute little family of Quails living in the vegetable garden in front of my house. As I have never seen a Quail in the wild before, I can't help but gawk at these peculiar birds each time I happen to see them. One day, I got too close to the chicks, and the father Quail strutted in my direction to defend his young. As the Quail tried to intimidate me, I thought, "Quail, you don't scare me. I have eaten your kind before, and you aren't even very tasty. In fact you are bony and overpriced. But I will eat you if you come any closer." The male read my mind and fluttered to the nearest rooftop, as the mother herded the babies to safety down by the brook. Once again, I have prevailed over nature. HA HA!

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