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Thursday February 19

digital rebel

For years I've been struggling to coerce my digital camera (a Canon PowerShot S300) to actually take pictures. It is way too finnicky about lighting conditions, and gives me no control over the lens or exposure. It is sad just how many great photo opportunities this thing has managed to fumble over the years.

Last week I discovered that Canon has finally brought an affordable digital SLR camera to market, the Digital Rebel. I've always wanted an SLR, but was not about to spend over $3k for one. Now that they are affordable, I've run out of excuses. Yesterday I bought a Digital Rebel, and now I'm ready to start taking photographs for real.

Tonight I had a little fun outside in the dark taking photos of the night sky, trees, and various glowing objects that my previous cameras couldn't photograph in its wildest dreams. I've posted some of my experimental shots in the photos section (the first photos I've posted in over a year!). They're a little grainy, as I still have a lot to learn about taking good photos with this amazing camera. I'll keep practicing...

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