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Sunday October 27


So I am beginning to rip my entire CD collection to MP3s at the most obscenely high bit rate possible (192k), and looking to add some decent audio components for playing them back.

I've read good things about USB Audio devices, which supposely output a cleaner audio feed to your speakers than sound cards, and so I went out and bought one, the Creative SoundBlaster Extigy. Let me just say that this is the most misguided purchase I've ever made in my life, and I brought this flaming piece of crap back to Circuit City within 2 hours. First of all, it doesn't work on OS X, subverting my desire to use iTunes. Second of all, getting it to work on my PC was painful and the results were flaky at best. Creative, bite me.

My other option is the stereo-link 1200, which works on Mac, and doesn't require any drivers. I'll order one of these this week and keep my fingers crossed.

In the mean time, I'm debating between using computer speakers or buying a hi-fi receiver and surround speakers. I guess it ultimately hinges on whether I want to watch movies and TV on my computer.... and how much more money I want to blow.

Speaking of which, I was shocked to find this brand new Sony 23" HD LCD at Circuit City. It's so new I can't find much info about it on the web. It looks about the same quality as the Apple equivalent, only it is $500 cheaper, and has 2 DVI inputs. This is a godsend, as it will allow me to hook my Mac and PC up to it and switch at the press of a button. Still, I would be giving up 1" from the Samsung 240P, which I was dangerously close to ordering last week.

Guess I need to sit on it for a little while longer.

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