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Tuesday March 28

FireBug 0.3 Done

After a long weekend of slaving away on FireBug, I've finally uploaded the final 0.3 build to the Firefox extensions website. Go ahead and install it. I know you want to!

This release brings with it a whole lot of changes, primarily with the way FireBug's inspectors work. I got really annoyed with FireBug's old inspection system, which resulted in an extremely cluttered console. I won't try to explain the new way in words, just check out these screen shots and you'll get the picture.

A quick list of the new features:

* "View Source Live"
* Computed style inspector
* Events inspector
* Quick search filtering
* Crash protection against sites with a bazillion errors
* DOM editing

Over the next few days I'll be blogging regularly with a bunch of fun tips and tricks that I've been compiling for how to get the most out of FireBug. Subscribe to this blog for daily updates.

Please visit the FireBug Forums if you have any bugs to report or features to request.

Many thanks to the handful of brave souls who helped me test this new release and gave me extremely helpful feedback along the way.

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