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Saturday January 22

food tv

It's been roughly a year since I cancelled my cable TV subscription, and I can honestly say I haven't missed a thing. Well, ok, there is one thing I miss: the Food Network. Cooking shows were the one category of television that I could always watch guilt-free, and which I can claim to have made a positive impact on my life. While there is no substitute for learning to cook first-hand from a family member, or in a cooking class, the Food Network is definitely an enjoyable alternative to learning purely from recipe books.

Recently I've been noticing the exploding trend of TV shows being released on DVD, so I did some searching on the web to see if the Food Network is also riding the bandwagon. Sadly, it seems they are not. I could only dig up a couple Jamie Oliver releases on Amazon, and some snippets of Good Eats and the ever-annoying Rachel Ray on Considering that nearly every TV chef has released a pile of books, you'd think they'd also be eager to sell some of the thousands of hours of even more valuable cooking demonstrations that they have filmed. Where's Tyler Florence, Ming Tsai, Bobby Flay, or (gasp!) Emeril?

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