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Friday July 1

Grossberg on Visual Studio

Joe Grossberg, as always, has something to say:

That is insane you use "bare bones" on the Mac and the enormous IDE on Windows to edit text files.

Visual Studio.NET is really not that enormous. It starts up quickly and doesn't eat that much memory. I love the tabs and how you can put files in side-by-side panes. It has syntax highlighting for all the languages I use, and a good find-and-replace system. Most importantly, it is totally customizable and automateable - I have a bunch of VBScript macros that I bind to keystrokes to automate lots of things.

I use it to program, but even if I were using it just to write text files it would still be good. I haven't found another editor that comes close. Anyway, I work on Mac OS X 99% of the time, so it doesn't really matter.

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