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Wednesday November 17

heavy tunes

It kind of annoys me that iTunes takes up 50MB of memory and around 7% of CPU. That's a heavy tax to pay when I'm using Photoshop, or compiling and debugging code, especially considering how slow a "top of the line" Powerbook is. I often just plug my iPod straight into the speakers to get around this, but that means I have to walk across the room to change the song, and I don't get to use all the neat little apps that show me album covers when the song changes and stuff.

It would be nice if iTunes could run in the background with less memory when it's just playing music and I'm not clicking around its UI. This is just one of many examples of rude software that won't respect the fact that the world doesn't revolve around it.

Also, why is it that if I play songs from my iPod while connected to my Mac, the Mac downloads the tracks to its own CPU and plays them through its own speakers? Hello, Apple! My slow-ass G4 doesn't have 7% cycles to spare when the iPod has its own CPU for the job!

Good, got that off my chest. I feel better now.

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