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Monday October 28


I was planning on working this weekend, but somehow I managed to lock myself out of my laptop by changing the network id to workgroup (so I could send some files to my new desktop). That left me with no option but to re-design this website and work on stupid iTunes tricks.

So, the musical selection that you see there is the song that is actually playing on iTunes on my PowerBook in my apartment right this second (if I am present, that is). I started with the lovely Tuna AppleScript by Daniel Bogan, massaged it to my liking, and linked it to the Web Services to fetch the album cover.

Now that this is working, I am suddenly overwhelmed with a host of new ideas for nifty (but silly) integration between iTunes and this website. This is only the beginning...

Oh, and by the way, I have a message for the Anaheim Angels: "Bite me."

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