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Saturday April 10

Jaded Yankees

If there's anything we Yankee fans should have learned from the last 3 seasons, it is that an accumulation of talent does not translate into a World Series victory. After Florida beat us last year, I began to believe that the Yanks would have to enter another prolonged drought before we could ever regain the glory of 1996-2000. The simple reason is that the value of victory in Yankeeland has become incredibly deflated, and we simply don't have the means to appreciate what it means to win anymore. Just listen to how jaded the Yankees players sound in interviews. Everybody expects victory, and so they don't have the guts to work for it.

Sheer talent should will us to regular season success for a few more seasons, but I honestly don't expect to see us win it all for at least another decade. Still, I won't complain if it happens sooner!

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