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Monday January 26

Joe 1, Camera 0

I just completed a bittersweet victory in a battle between myself and my 12 year old Sony video camera. I was watching some old 8mm tapes that I had filmed in 1992 and was preparing to transfer to DVD. After fast forwarding to the end of a tape, the camera went too far and pulled some of the tape out of the cassette. At this point, it began making all sorts of nasty noises, and then refused to eject the cassette.

I then spent the next two hours trying to free this cassette, chock full of precious memories, from the death grip of the camera. To make a long story short, I had to rip the camera apart and completely destroy it in order to get the cassette out. I tried my best to save the camera, but it was too stubborn. By the time I got the cassette out, the tape had snapped, and I now have to pray that I can stick it together again.

Guess I'm in the market for a new 8mm video player.

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