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Friday November 22

nature, baby!

Last friday I had an interesting encounter with nature, in my own driveway. It was like watching the Discovery channel in real life!

I was about to get into my car, when I heard a loud commotion high up in a tree at the edge of the driveway. A fairly large bird, probably a hawk of some kind, flapped his wings and took off to a nearby treetop. As I watched it fly away, I noticed something moving at the spot where he left the tree. It appeared to be a squirrel, jumping from one branch to another, as squirrels do. Except that this squirrel was falling.... straight down... from a very high branch, the apparent victim of the hawk.

I watched it with a strange combination of amusement and horror as it plummeted towards the ground, and I barely had time to say a little prayer for it's soul before it splatted all over my driveway. I then looked at the treetop where the hawk was perched, waiting for me to leave so he could return for his breakfast.

I happened to have my camera in my pocket, and I'm not sure why I took these pictures of the predator and prey, but heck, since I did I might as well share!

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