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Monday August 28

next FireBug

Since FireBug 0.4 shipped at the end of May, I haven't written a line of new code for the project. I wish I could have found more time for it, but it was a busy summer for my other projects.

During that time, I've gotten to actually use FireBug quite a bit, and made a long list of things that tick me off. Plenty of users have sent in bug reports and feature ideas in that time, as well, so I'm sorting through them all now and plan to spend some time knocking off as many as I can.

If you're a FireBug user, and there is any particular feature that you're wishing for, now would be a good time to let me know in the comments, and maybe it will get bumped up the todo list.

Some other good news... over the summer, Gijs Kruitbosch dedicated his Google Summer of Code sponsorship to working on FireBug. He contributed some wonderful features, including watch lists for the debugger, the ability to clear all breakpoints, and to change the scope of the console. He also fixed a bunch of bugs. I'll be including Gijs' contributions in the 0.5 release along with the stuff I'm about to work on. Thanks Gijs!

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