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Thursday May 25

One Day Later

The response to FireBug 0.4 has been wonderful. I'd just like to thank everyone who took the time to let me know that all the spare time I devoted to creating FireBug has been well spent.

To the people who laced my blog comments with outbursts of profane affection, thank you. To Dion Almaer of and many others for directing thousands of people to my site, thank you. To the people who donated a little cash to my Paypal account, thank you. To Eric Miraglia of Yahoo! for inviting me to speak about FireBug on their campus today, thank you. To the hundred or so Yahoo! engineers who actually showed up to listen to me babble, thank you. To all the people who tested FireBug 0.4 and gave me excellent bug reports, thank you.

Because of those aforementioned testers, FireBug 0.4 is the least buggy release I've done yet. Still, I'd like everyone to know that the zero in the version number actually means something - this is not a "one-dot-oh" quality product, it is only four tenths of one. My todo list is overflowing with ideas that I just have to implement before I can label FireBug 1.0. Until then, stay tuned...

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