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Tuesday May 4

OS X: Thunderbird+Firebird

When I began my migration to OS X, I decided at first to start using Apple's own Safari and, instead of sticking with Firefox and Thunderbird. This decision was partially based on a desire to use a native app to get all of the nice integration features with other Apple products like iChat, Address Book, and iPhoto.

However, after trying out the new Thunderbird 0.6 for OS X yesterday, I've decided to go back to Mozilla.

Cheers to Scott MacGregor and everyone else involved for making TB shine on OS X. It's not yet as polished as, but it's close enough to fool me most of the time. Firefox is pretty much in the same boat relative to Safari. Both apps use about the same amount of memory as their Apple counterparts, and are just as fast. I never thought I'd see the day that XUL was as fast as Cocoa, but it seems we're almost there.

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