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Wednesday August 13

phillip morris moonbeam

If there is one thing I can't avoid while living in Santa Cruz, it's the awful stench of socialism. Everywhere I go there are aging hippies and pot-smoking college students complaining about the horrible 'problem' of wealth and progress. It's kind of amusing to see, considering how often the general concept of socialism has failed throughout history.

The amazing resilience of socialism can be compared with the problem of cigarette smoking. It's incredibly easy to prove that both smoking and socialism are harmful, and yet both of them will probably always be popular, simply because they make people feel good!

Yes, socialism is just too easy to love. It fits in perfectly with our common morals, which preach equality, generosity, and love for your fellow man. When a man is down on his luck, we want to help him, and we want the quickest solution possible.

However, much like with smoking, when you're constantly in search of a quick fix, you always pay the price in the long term. Hippies can spread all the love they want, but if they're going to keep advocating theft-by-government as the solution to everything, someday our country is going to get economic cancer.

If you listen closely, you can already hear the coughing....

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