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Tuesday August 5

the cure

As I approached the cashier at the checkout counter at Safeway today, she asked me if I'd like to donate $1 to help find a cure for diabetes. I found this to be hilariously ironic, considering that grocery stores make their living selling Americans the very thing that causes diabetes!

Everyone knows that the "cure" for diabetes is to avoid sugar, and yet odds are that most of the people that put a dollar in the Cure for Diabetes jar will do so just before they walk out of Safeway carrying bags full of diabetes-causing junk food.

This only illustrates the tragic illusion that is our modern medical industry. We've been raised to believe that medical science is so miraculous, that we can abuse our bodies all we want, and one day a magic pill will save us. We are so caught in the statistics that show the average lifespan getting longer every year, and yet nobody considers the obvious fact that the quality of health is actually getting worse every year. People are living longer, but in their golden years they are miserable, sick, drug addicts.

Of course, companies like Safeway would love it if there were a magic cure for diabetes. That would only motivate people to spend more money on junk food, instead of taking responsibility for their own health.

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