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Thursday June 28

Things that Don't Suck

I've been possessed with a feeling of optimism about software recently that I haven't felt since I first picked up BASIC in my tweens. It's partially because my project (still under the radar) is kicking ass and I'm doing the best work of my life, but it's also because I feel like the industry has finally turned a corner this year and that we're on the verge of realizing potential that has been bottled up for years.

To me, the change is due to two recent facts: the world now finally has a social network that doesn't suck, and a mobile phone that doesn't suck. I'm talking about Facebook and the iPhone. Between these two, software will no longer be bound to tiny communities of people of people sitting behind desks. It is everyone, everywhere.

Of course, social networks and cell phones are not new - what is new is that the companies delivering them have never truly embraced developers. In the past I've been interested in writing software to extend MySpace or run on "smart" phones, but the developer experience always left me cold. I'm looking forward to seeing the companies that disrespected me as a developer take one on the chin, and I hope to help deliver the blow.

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