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Sunday October 20

yeah baby

So, after years of planning my dramatic entry onto the weblog scene, I've decided to just do it and worry about the details later. After all, the site doesn't need to shimmer, as long as it's filled with sufficiently boring information about my life, then it's as good as any weblog.

This is actually not my first turn at publishing on the web. has, after all, been online since 1997. Back in those days I had teen angst dripping out of every pore, and posted all sorts of deliciously embarrassing short stories and ramblings that make me cringe when I read them today. In fact, I think I so thoroughly humiliated myself that it has taken me 5 years to build up the will to do this again.

Some may think that I am just following the lead of my many mozillian peers. Puh-leeze, blogging is not as chic as it used to be for Mozilla engineers. Only guys like Ian Oeschger have the stuff to make a weblog go the distance. Mozilla weblogs were fun while they lasted, but I'd rather read stuff like bluishorange and textism.

I am sure that my #1 fan, Mr. Joseph Grossberg, will be thrilled.

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